Safety in Industrial Construction

There’s no denying the fact that construction can be a dangerous industry sometimes. At DESCCO, we deal with it every day, and as an industrial business owner planning construction projects, you’re sure to be familiar with it. Liability and risk are words that no one likes to hear, especially not when they’re hard at work trying to coordinate an important construction project, but there’s a reason we discuss them so openly. When you confront possible dangers head-on, you can actively reduce them, making our jobs safer and significantly lowering the potential risk you take on when you start a construction project!

The safety measures that we take so seriously here at DESCCO work to benefit both us and you, and we know that our safety qualifications will help to set your mind at ease and show you that we are always committed to getting your new build, remodel, or renovation done the right way.

Reducing Risk and Liability in Construction

There are plenty of benefits to having been one of the leading construction contractors in Eastern Pennsylvania for over forty years. One of those benefits is that we know our stuff, especially when it comes to safety! Construction can be high-risk, but proper safety procedures make a world of difference in reducing the risk that comes along with any construction, especially industrial ones. Along with professionalism, transparency, and reliability, safety is one of the qualities that we prize above all else. It’s part of what makes us DESCCO!

DESCCO’s Experience Modification Rating

The Experience Modification Rating, or EMR, is something that you’ll hear a lot about when you have an active construction project going, especially in the early stages when you’re choosing a contractor. It’s a metric that insurance companies use to measure the risks associated with a particular company, based on the past cost of workers’ compensation claims and the probability of future claim costs. Basically, it makes mathematical predictions based on an organization’s past to give it a rating that signifies how safe their typical operations are. An average score tends to be a value near 1.00– a lower score indicates a higher-than-average level of safety from a claims standpoint. DESCCO’s ability to consistently maintain a best-in-class score is something we’re enormously proud of! It’s proof that our hard work and dedication to doing things right is worth something!

Certifications and Compliance

ISN and Avetta are two more terms you’ve probably heard before among contractors and construction professionals. Highly well-regarded and prestigious organizations, they ensure safety and compliance with standard safety protocols across the industry. Becoming certified by one or both of these organizations is not just a complicated process, it’s an ongoing one. You have to keep your operations up to standard or risk losing your certification. For contractors like DESCCO, ISN and Avetta certifications are an honor, and for our clients, they’re an incredibly valuable metric, allowing them to choose DESCCO with confidence knowing that they’re working with a construction company that’s committed to safety and quality. Our president Nicholas Stoltzfus said that ““Certifications from trusted organizations like ISNetworld and Avetta help communicate to our clients that DESCCO Design and Construction’s safety and compliance practices are second-to-none. We are proud to be recognized as both an ISNetworld Member Contractor and an Avetta Certified Contractor,” and we couldn’t put it better!

In the world of industrial construction, there’s no substitute for safety, responsibility, risk reduction, and reliability. When you work with DESCCO Design and Construction, you’re working with a company that holds those values at the heart of what we do. When it comes to something as important as your business, you should never settle for anything less! If you’re interested in learning more about our safety protocols and qualifications, please don’t hesitate to contact our team and ask us your questions. We’ll be happy to help you!