Testing Laboratories Construction & Renovation

Testing Laboratory Construction & Renovation

Testing laboratories are an essential part of patient care, now more than ever. Whether the lab is independent or attached to an urgent care clinic or doctor’s office, having a space for your testing facility that is functional, clean, well-designed, and compliant with safety regulations must be a top priority. When you have a testing laboratory construction project, the best thing you can do to ensure that you will be happy with your finished facility is to choose experienced construction professionals to work with. DESCCO Design and Construction has the expertise and training needed for quality healthcare construction. When you work with DESCCO, the process of designing and building your laboratory doesn’t have to be stressful or confusing. We understand the ins and outs of creating healthcare facilities of all kinds, including laboratories, doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and all kinds of patient care facilities, and we want to provide you with a testing laboratory that is safe and easy to work in.

Big or small, simple or complex, no matter what you’d like your finished space to be, DESCCO is ready to help you. We have over 40 years of experience in construction and renovation services for healthcare providers. Contact us if you have a testing laboratory project near any of our service areas, such as Berks County, Lancaster County, Schuylkill County or Lehigh County in Pennsylvania, or Harford County in Maryland.

Worry-Free Construction

Going into this project you may be fully prepared with an exact idea of what you want and need, or you may be feeling a little lost and overwhelmed, and you might not even know where to begin. Either way, DESCCO is ready to work with you and help you. We will guide you through the process from start to finish, starting with design and planning. We understand testing laboratory construction, and you understand your own needs for the space. Together we will come up with the perfect plan for your facility that our talented teams can put into motion. We prioritize transparency, communication, and professionalism in all of our projects, and we share the same end goal as you– to utilize DESCCO’s construction and renovation services to create a laboratory in which you and your staff can work efficiently and safely.

Planning the Ideal Space

Extra care must be taken when planning and building clinical testing laboratories to ensure functionality and safety, whether this is an improvement project or you’re taking full use of our construction services to start from the ground up. There are many possible layouts for a lab, and depending on what types of testing you expect to do most, different designs may be preferable. Some laboratories are laid out as open floor plans with movable casework instead of fixed cabinetry, whereas others are better suited to having multiple rooms for different purposes. We will work with you to determine the configuration that will best suit you, your staff, and your work volume.

One of our clients, Health Network Laboratories (HNL) is a full-service medical laboratory with many different locations. DESCCO has worked with HNL on 11 of these Patient Service Centers; some were renovation projects or expansions while others were new locations that had to be designed fresh and receive fit-out services. These new facilities included construction services for phlebotomy rooms, laboratories for packaging items to be sent to the central testing lab, waiting areas, break rooms and offices, and more.

Other crucial factors in lab planning include identifying spaces that will be outfitted to safely isolate biohazards, installing properly engineered HVAC systems to allow the laboratory to be kept at specific temperatures when necessary, and ensuring that the materials selected in construction are safe for laboratory use, such as nonporous materials for countertop surfaces that will be easy to clean and not harbor pathogens. DESCCO has decades of experience in healthcare construction, and we are familiar with points such as these that must be taken into account. Once you and your project administrator have taken points like these into account in the planning phase, the construction phase begins! Our team will work on schedule and keep you regularly updated on progress.

DESCCO's Knowledge and Expertise

DESCCO has been a leading choice for building and renovation services in Eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland, including Lebanon County, Bucks County, Northampton County, Monroe County, and Cecil County since 1976, and in that time we’ve learned a thing or two about building medical facilities like testing laboratories, medical offices, or urgent care clinics. There are many unique challenges that you may run into on such a project, and DESCCO is equipped to handle them. Several key members of our team have earned Health Care Construction Certificates from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering (ASHE). With this training and our many years of care experience, we are able to navigate confusing parts of the process. We will implement best practice in order to ensure that your lab meets all the compliance requirements and laboratory construction standards.

Let DESCCO Help You Begin!

With a project as specialized and important as a testing laboratory, you need the experienced professionals at DESCCO as your partners. Our team of experts will work with you on schedule and budget to create a laboratory that sets you and your staff up for success. If you have a testing laboratory project in Carbon County, Chester County, Dauphin County, York County, or Montgomery County, contact us to start planning your project.

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