If you’re in need of the best preconstruction contractor in the Greater Reading or Berks County, Pennsylvania area, DESCCO Design & Construction is here to help! We start our preconstruction process by listening to what matters to you so we can help transform a dream into a reality. With our comprehensive preconstruction services, our goal is to give you an exceptional experience with the best results.

Preconstruction is the crucial step toward a complete plan that minimizes – or even eliminates – change orders or unexpected delays in the construction process. With our expert team members, we’re here to reduce any stressful feelings about future construction work with our careful preconstruction techniques and our commitment to ensuring you get world-class results.

What Are Preconstruction Services?

It’s important that there’s a lot of planning that has to happen before any actual construction takes place. At DESCCO, we offer pre-construction services as an initial step in planning a project for greater insight on everything from cost estimates, design specifics, scalability – and everything in between. With our expert preconstruction experience, we’ll help you stay aware of what to expect and provide detailed project roadmaps for every stage of the process.

Why do I Need Preconstruction Services?

Preconstruction planning is a great way to stay organized, on budget, and on time with every stage of the future construction process. If a business outgrows its current building and needs to renovate or expand on its location, figuring out exactly what you need before construction starts can feel intimidating. Especially for a large construction project, going it alone isn’t usually a good choice and can cost you more in the long run. That’s why choosing DESCCO Design & Construction ensures you get our excellent pre-construction services for whatever your project and industry needs.

Isn't Preconstruction About Determining the Price of the Project?

Preconstruction services are much more than just determining the price of a project while getting a few technical drawings. At DESCCO, we take pride in creating an environment that fosters collaboration and encourages the engagement of each and every project team member. Our streamlined planning process focuses on getting a project on an efficient development path prior to starting any work. Such planning helps us address a wide range of possibilities and concerns, including:

What Does the Preconstruction Process Entail?

We start our preconstruction work by listening to what matters to you about the project. Equipped with this knowledge, we organize a team of experts uniquely chosen for your specific project needs. We also use our decades of industry experience toward planning preconstruction-based outcomes, as well as the industry-leading technology that helps us consider every aspect of your project. From budget to value enhancement possibilities and logistics to implementation schedules, we’re with you at every stage before boots are even on the ground.

Can My Contractor Help with The Site Selection Process?

At DESCCO, project managers will visit the construction location and evaluate the area’s feasibility for your project. They’re there to look out for and provide professional opinions about any future challenges and additional costs that may come up.

How Do You Ensure the Most Qualified & Reliable Subcontractors are Selected?

One of the critical parts in effective risk management is to always guarantee that everyone assigned to your project brings the experience and expertise for a job well done. Our subcontractors are vetted by our in-house experts and have provided quality service for years and across numerous projects. Our close relationships with our subcontractors is one of our best strengths, which helps save everyone time and money for getting projects completed to your timely satisfaction.

What About Value Enhancements?

At DESCCO, we’re happy to say that our team members will look for innovative, unique, and cost-effective options personalized for every project to ensure the best value options. For instance, in a project’s pre-construction phase, our team may want to determine if the scope of the proposed work will fit within your budget. Our experts will create a life-cycle cost analysis for specific materials involved in the work and provide alternative solutions so you always know your options. We’re dedicated to helping you save money based on our experiences with creating unique enhancements that add character and utility for the services you most need.

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