DESCCO Design and Construction: A Proud Member of ISNetworld and Avetta

DESCCO Design and Construction is proud to be a member contractor of both ISNetworld and Avetta. These organizations are incredibly helpful when it comes to both our daily business practices and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

As an ISNetworld member contractor and an Avetta certified contractor, we are able to not only connect with excellent clients more easily, but also manage our supply chain safety, sustainability, and risk much more effectively.

The Benefits of ISNetworld

ISNetworld, also known as simply ISN (International Suppliers Network), is an online contractor and supplier management platform of data-driven products and services that collaborates with DESCCO to help manage risk, support sustainability, and strengthen our working relationships.

Hiring clients use ISNetworld to streamline their contractor and supplier prequalification process, while contractors and suppliers can rely on ISNetworld to maintain compliance information for all hiring clients on a single platform.

Here’s how ISNetworld helps everyone involved in your next construction project:

Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality – ISN can assist with the collection and review of various HSEQ documents and information such as written programs, sustainable practices, work hours, incidents, and injuries.

Insurance and Procurement – ISN assists in the collection and review of insurance and other procurement-related documents such as supplier certificates and Workers’ Compensation.

Employee-Level Qualification – ISN can aid in the tracking and completion of employee-level training, competencies, and qualifications required to perform specific jobs.

Audits and Evaluations – ISN contributes to the tracking and completion of audits and evaluation reports based on hiring client requirements.

Customer Service and Outreach – ISN’s customer service team is staffed by experienced professionals who are committed to providing world-class service to our customers.

Analytics and Reporting – ISN provides reporting tools and data analysis available for Hiring Clients and contractors and suppliers to benchmark business performance against peers.

ISN Meetings – ISN hosts more than 8,100 meetings with our customers each year to provide hands-on training, best practices and networking opportunities.

API Integration – ISNetworld’s API integration allows customers to rapidly deploy time sensitive data throughout an organization.

The Benefits of Avetta

Avetta is a leading name in supply chain risk management.Trusted by over 100,000 businesses in 100 countries, Avetta offers a range of benefits to a number of groups and individuals involved in contracting.

Avetta is active in multiple major industries, including aerospace and defense, chemical, entertainment, facility management, food and beverage, and of course, construction materials and contracting.

Here is how Avetta benefits everyone involved in your next construction project:

Safety – Workplace safety begins with great visibility. Avetta assists clients in identifying areas of risk, therefore reducing accidents. In turn, suppliers get recognition for safe practices.

Sustainability – Avetta aids DESCCO in demonstrating environmental, social, and governance impact. Clients can set and manage supply chain sustainability standards, allowing them to measure and demonstrate progress on CSR initiatives.

Risk Management – Avetta helps DESCCO track and address financial and legal risks before they become a reality. Integration with leading third-party risk assessment organizations helps DESCCO put key information in one place.

Quality – Avetta allows DESCCO to drive improvement on any measure. Using Avetta Connect, DESCCO is able to set our own standards and measure improvement with robust analytics.

Workforce – Avetta offers insights right down to individual workers, ensuring that DESCCO is always staffed with the right people, all of whom come complete with the best possible qualifications.

How DESCCO’s Membership to These Organizations Helps You

Through our membership to both ISNetworld and Avetta, DESCCO Design and Construction is able to flawlessly honor our commitment to regulatory compliance, workplace safety, confidently hiring the right contractors, and ultimately, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction with every project we become involved in.

“Certifications from trusted organizations like ISNetworld and Avetta help communicate to our clients that DESCCO Design and Construction’s safety and compliance practices are second-to-none. We are proud to be recognized as both an ISNetworld Member Contractor and an Avetta Certified Contractor,” President Nicholas Stoltzfus said.

ISN and Avetta qualified contractors are known as some of the most reliable contractors in the industry, and DESSCO has the certifications to prove it. The next time you are in need of a trusted, awarded, and committed contracting company to help you achieve your design, construction, renovation, or remodel needs, don’t hesitate to contact DESCCO Design and Construction first. We look forward to making those dreams come true.