Assisted Living Facilities Design and Construction

At DESCCO, we know that designing and building assisted living facilities is about ensuring a higher quality of life. Our experienced construction professionals are dedicated to developing facilities with the highest quality building materials and design practices, ensuring that everything comes together for hospitable environments that stay as comfortable as they are high functioning and tailored to all residents’ needs.

DESCCO has specialized in assisted living construction and design in the Berks county region for years. We have the experience and expertise to support any assisted-living project, from conceptualization to renovations to brand-new construction.

We make it our mission to guarantee a meaningful experience and have an empathetic practice. We start each assisted living facility project as if our own friends and family may need care as part of that community.

Supportive Design for Assisted Living Facilities

Developing and constructing solutions that serve the needs of assisted living communities is one of our great passions. Our team is dedicated to ensuring our assisted-living clients have everything their facilities need for spaces that improve resident lifestyles and increase participation in the local community.

There are so many things that go into the design and construction practices, it can be hard to know where to begin. At DESCCO, we fully understand the care-based needs of assisted living. For instance, making sure there’s a balance between exciting community areas, but also preventing or reducing too much stimulation, which can be uniquely stressful and overwhelming for patients with dementia.

At DESCCO, we also understand the need and process for installing required medical and safety features that support residents without making the place feel too much like a medical facility or too little like home. Such features include handrails and anti-slip flooring coupled with comforting residential designs that help keep a space feeling warm and welcoming.

Evidence-Based Design and Construction

Long-term studies have shown that medical conditions and quality of life in assisted-living environments can drastically improve when the area is designed and built for optimal care. With our experienced team of assisted-living construction professionals, we have a rich understanding of how to design and build environments with a focus on helping residents experience both the highest-quality care and quality of life available.

More generally, our teams at DESCCO bring decades of experience working in healthcare construction and toward building assisted living facilities, so we are familiar with the most important details that have to be considered. Our team will work diligently and in a timely fashion with regular updates on every project’s progress.

While COVID-19 has substantially changed how assisted living facilities are designed, DESCCO is working hard to build safer spaces for assisted-living communities. We know it’s essential to create safe spaces that still have heart and stay comfortable while providing support, and our extensive experience on how to create safe spaces help our work support the communities that need it most.

Working with the Experts

At DESCCO, we have the expertise to support your assisted-living project, including licensure requirements toward supporting Memory Care Communities. We can identify parts of the design and building process early on to ensure Memory Care communities can avoid delays and unnecessary costs while the construction project takes place.

We utilize decades of experience in healthcare construction and building better care with a wide range of experience in assisted-living construction projects. We work directly with care providers to make certain that we meet every possible need. Whether we’re expanding your active facility or building one from the ground up, we’ve got all the safety and construction experience to ensure the best outcomes for residents and care providers alike.

For all kinds of assisted living facilities near Reading, PA, DESCCO provides full or partial construction, installation of medical rooms, residences, offices, or waiting areas, partitions, flooring, carpeting, ceilings, and so much more!

Whatever your assisted-living facility needs, from comprehensive remodeling to expanding or relocating your facility, DESCCO can design and build the most supportive and comfortable facilities for every resident.

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