Industrial Equipment Installation

DESCCO has been in business in the Berks County area for over 45 years, and in that time we’ve honed our skills and the services that we are able to provide to our valued customers. If your upcoming construction project involves the installation of industrial equipment, there’s no need to worry about scheduling installations or wondering how you’re going to get your machinery up and running. DESCCO can perform these tasks for you and get your equipment up and running. From building a new location with new machines to relocating your base of operations, our team members will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you have what you need to get your work done!

Experienced Contractors

When you’re choosing a contractor to work with for an industrial building project, you don’t want to go with just anyone. Your choice of construction company affects every aspect of how your space turns out in the end, so the decision you make is important to ensuring you have the best possible warehouse, manufacturing facility, or other industrial building. When you’re located in the Berks County, PA area, there’s no better company to choose than DESCCO! Between our expert team members, our years of service and experience, and the specialized options that we’re able to provide, we’ll give you the industrial space that you deserve to be able to get your job done.

Specialized Construction Services

One of the parts of being in the construction industry for so long that we’re proud of is that we’ve had plenty of time to get good at what we do. We know our business inside and out, and when it comes to providing specialized services like industrial equipment installation, we’re just as confident as with simple building jobs. We install equipment like piping and ductworks, conveyors and compressors, material handling and chemical processing equipment, and more, plus more simple installations like HVAC systems, boilers, and dehumidifiers. Whatever your industry, from assembly lines to storage, DESCCO has the knowledge and experience required to get you functioning.

Enjoy Your New Space and New Equipment

At DESCCO, there’s only one thing we produce that we’re more proud of than our high-quality industrial spaces, and that’s satisfied customers. When we begin a new project with someone, our goal is not only to give them a space that’s functional, professional, and well-built, but to have given them a top-notch experience of working with our company. That’s why the services we offer like industrial equipment installation are so important to us. They’re what help put us over the edge from good into great!

If you have an industrial construction project coming up and you want to work with a contractor who can install your equipment for you, make sure to contact DESCCO today! One of our team members will be happy to discuss your project with you.

Our Satisfied Clients

We are proud to have served Eastern Pennsylvania for over 45 years. Our reputation for professionalism and top-grade industrial construction services continues to be earned for every project. To ensure that our industrial construction work is up to your standards, the final phase of every project will involve us asking you to evaluate the finished results to ensure that we’ve met the established goals and that you’re fully satisfied.

At DESCCO, we take pride in our team’s abilities to keep open dialogs with our customers throughout the entire construction project. Just give us your industrial construction project’s specifications and ideas, and we’ll work with you to build a custom facility that will not only meet today’s latest design trends, but also last for years to come. To get started, contact DESCCO today!

When you start looking for a local industrial construction company, it can feel overwhelming to even wonder what accomplishing your project’s needs would look like. But DESCCO can simplify the whole process without losing quality results. Reach out and contact DESCCO Design and Construction today to discuss your industrial project.