Hiring a Design-Build Contractor for Your Future Medical Office

Across the medical fields, one thing ties practitioners together– the desire to treat their patients well and help people. All of the different specialties have another thing in common as well. If they don’t have a quality space to work out of, they’ll have a very hard time achieving that goal. 

From dentists to dermatologists, every medical practitioner requires an office, clinic, or other space that allows them to see and treat their patients properly. It’s a basic need; without it, it doesn’t matter how exceptional the other parts of your practice are, because you’ll be held back from reaching your full potential. In this vein, building a medical office is an incredibly significant project, and choosing a contractor to work with is a vitally important decision. The wrong choice can lead to a difficult, expensive, and time-consuming construction process, not to mention a final space of subpar quality. On the other hand, choosing a trustworthy and reliable contractor like DESSCO Design and Construction can ensure that you have a completely different experience! Here’s what you can expect when you design and build your medical office with our team here at DESCCO.


At DESCCO Design and Construction, we’ve been in business for over 45 years, and in those decades, we’ve learned a thing or two. Healthcare construction is unique from other kinds of construction, with its own needs, regulations, and requirements, and you don’t want to take the risk of entrusting your project to just anyone. Working with an experienced design-build contractor like DESCCO means working with a team that understands your needs and is ready to deliver.


Integrity, trustworthiness, and transparency are qualities that we at DESCCO value deeply, and we display those qualities in every project we work on, especially through how we interact with our customers. Staying on budget for your medical construction project is just as important to us as it is to you, and we always make it a point to be clear and honest about costs, as well as doing our best to find you the best deals and options that will allow us to build you a great space for a great price!

Turnaround Time 

Medicine is a field that moves at the speed of light, so we understand how important timelines are when we take on a medical project here at DESCCO Design and Construction. Too many days added onto a schedule can prevent you from getting down to business and seeing your patients in a timely manner, and that’s something we always want to prevent! When we work on medical offices and other kinds of healthcare construction, we always remain open about what your turnaround time is going to look like, keep our customers in the loop at all times, and work hard to minimize delays. We also offer the ability to schedule our services, specifically renovation and remodeling, around the operations of your practice, allowing you to stay open and in business while we work!

Risk Management

Construction and medicine have something in common: in both industries, safety and regulations are top priorities at all times. For us as contractors, a low-risk project is a good project, and we put serious emphasis on our safety practices and our regulatory compliance to make every project as low-risk as it can possibly be. We are proud members of ISNetworld and Avetta, and these certifications are an official reflection of the integrity and professionalism that we always deliver!

Whether your new medical office building project is for an ophthalmologist or an orthodontist, you need a medical design-build contractor that you can rely on to do the job right, and in the Fleetwood, PA area, DESCCO Design and Construction is second to none! You can contact us today to discuss your upcoming project and learn more about what we offer. Our team will be happy to help you!