DESCCO’s Commitment to Safety in Construction

When you’re choosing a contractor to work with on an upcoming construction project, there are many qualifications that you’re hoping to find. A contractor is a partner in your efforts to create a beautiful, high-quality space, and you want to have the security of knowing that the partner you’ve chosen is one committed to safety, security, and risk management. At DESCCO Design and Construction, we’re proud to show that we value these characteristics by being members of ISNetworld and Avetta. Here’s how these organizations help us to protect you and ensure your satisfaction!


ISN stands for International Suppliers Networld, and DESCCO is one of the member contractors who utilize the services they provide to connect better with clients, manage risk, support sustainability, and strengthen our working relationships. ISNetworld is designed to help our clients as well as helping us, streamlining the process of finding a contractor by maintaining compliance information on a single platform.

ISNetworld provides a singular platform where you can view important information about our Health, Safety, Environmental, and Quality documents, our insurance, audits, and evaluations, and so much more. They make it easy to be sure that when you’re choosing a contractor like DESCCO to work with, you can trust them to be reliable and professional, providing you with the security you need!


Avetta is one of the biggest names in supply chain risk management, and you might be familiar with them from one of the many other industries they work in besides construction, such as aerospace, defense, food and beverage, and even entertainment. They help us improve our safety like they do for many other certified contractors, helping us deliver only the best to our valued clients. 

Avetta helps us by identifying areas of risk so that we can prevent mishaps before they occur. Additionally, Avetta helps us measure and demonstrate our progress in environmental, social, and governance impact, set standards of quality, certify individual employees, and more. We know that choosy clients with high standards look for Avetta members specifically to ensure they’re getting the highest quality, and we’re proud to be among them!

Regulatory compliance, workplace safety, and delivering quality work that satisfies our customers will all be top priorities for DESCCO for as long as we continue to work in construction, and we’re happy to demonstrate our commitment to these ideals through our ISNetworld and Avetta memberships! Interested in learning more about how our memberships with these organizations can help you as one of our clients? Make sure to get in touch with us today for more information!