Willow Creek Equine Veterinary Services

The DESCCO Team partnered up with Willow Creek Equine Veterinary Services in Fleetwood, PA to renovate their pre-existing building so that customers and patients will continue to be well accommodated as their business expands. Renovations were completed in two separate areas, one specializing in the treatment of small animals and the other to the treatment of large animals.

The Small Animal Veterinary Services area consists of several exam rooms, a treatment room, a surgical room, and an X-ray room. The building also contains large wards for both cats and dogs, as well as a shared laboratory and pharmacy for all animals. The Large Animal Veterinary Services area of the property is equipped with a horse stock and four stalls. Equitan Flooring was installed, providing a soft but grippy surface for the maximum comfort of patients.

The remodeled breakroom, conference room, and office spaces create a clean environment for the staff. The freshly painted waiting room features a new coffee area for customers and an easily accessible restroom. DESCCO is proud to have worked alongside Willow Creek Equine Veterinary Services to achieve a new and improved space that will serve staff, customers, and patients for years to come!

Willow Creek Equine Veterinary Services Willow Creek Equine Veterinary Services

Pre-Construction Services

  • Project Budgeting
  • Scheduling and Coordination
  • Supervision
  • Code Compliance

Construction Services

  • Demolition
  • Site work
  • Building renovation
  • All mechanicals