What Makes Medical Building Construction Unique?

Here at DESCCO Design and Construction, we know construction and we know it well. Any experienced contractor will be able to tell you that no two construction projects are the same, and that the many different types of construction are all very unique, and require their own type of skilled touch. There are few types of construction more specialized than medical construction, and as seasoned experts in the field, our team members here at DESCCO can attest to that. There are several key factors that set medical construction apart from the crowd. Here are a few of them! 

Standards and Regulation 

Medical construction is not the only subtype of construction that deals with strict regulations and high standards for quality, but it is one of the most rigorous, and for good reason. People’s health is on the line! There’s no room for error when constructing a medical building, even on set rules and requirements that might seem useless or arbitrary. Those rules are in place for a reason– to protect people’s wellbeing and ensure safe, efficient work by medical personnel, and anyone undertaking a medical construction project can’t afford to place their faith in a contractor who bends the rules and cuts corners. The regulations of medical buildings are not guidelines, and a good contractor is one who is capable of following them to produce a safe and functional space.

Emergency vs. Non-Emergency 

There are other types of construction that will deal with high volumes of traffic, like malls or public transit stations, and others that need to meet strict safety standards, like food and beverage production sites. However, all of these types of buildings could be described as non-emergency locations. Medical buildings, by their nature, always need to be prepared for the possibility of a health emergency, even if they aren’t necessarily built for that purpose, like an emergency room would be. This can affect every part of construction, from building hallways wide and open to eliminate traffic jams to carefully choosing placement for electrical outlets to allow emergency equipment to be operated. These small choices during the construction process can potentially save lives down the line, making them exceptionally important! 

Variety of Type 

Within the umbrella of medical construction, there are many, many subtypes and specifications, each of which have their own unique needs and requirements. A general practitioner’s office or an urgent care facility, for example, will need different things than say, a dentist’s office or a physical therapy facility. From testing labs to treatment spaces, the different kinds of medical buildings can span an extremely wide range, but a professional and experienced contractor will be able to accommodate their needs adequately no matter what subtype they’re working in. 

In the eastern Pennsylvania area, DESCCO Design and Construction is the place to go for medical building projects of all types. If you’re planning a project like this in the near future, our team can help you! Contact us today for more information.