What are the Different Types of Industrial Construction Projects?

At DESCCO Design & Construction, we’re proud to offer top-quality industrial construction services. Before committing to any project, we’ve found that it helps to have an understanding of the different types of industrial construction services that are available. This helps our team to tailor their services and meet the specific needs of all our customers.

We’ve had extensive experience building and renovating industrial facilities, including factories and warehouses. These structures are vital to the production of goods, and the mechanical and structural components of these facilities must be carefully crafted to ensure their optimal operation. 

To get a better grasp on how industrial construction projects differ from commercial or residential projects, let’s better define what “industrial” really means.

Industrial Construction

“Industrial” typically means any business involved in manufacturing, and as such, industrial buildings have specific requirements, such as constant shipping and receiving, access to nearby air or railroad transportation, or proximity to major highways. The design of an industrial facility centers around creating smooth foot traffic flow and coordinating manufacturing and distribution processes.

In contrast to other types of construction, industrial buildings prioritize functionality over aesthetics, as they must support heavy equipment and adhere to industry-specific regulations. For example, while the involvement of a civil engineer may not always be mandatory by law for every project, it is advisable to engage a qualified and experienced civil engineer for any project that involves land site disturbance, as their participation could save you substantial time and money.

DESCCO can assist you in selecting the appropriate civil engineer for your project and collaborating closely with them to prevent unnecessary features from being incorporated into the plans and to help manage costs. Our expertise in site construction brings a practical understanding of issues and operational efficiency.

Below are a few of the most important categories for industrial construction projects!

Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities are the backbone of the industrial sector. They’re responsible for producing goods and materials that drive economic growth. A well-designed manufacturing facility can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of the products being produced. Our expert team knows how to design and build manufacturing facilities that meet our clients’ unique needs. Whether you need a new facility or want to expand an existing one, we can help.

Distribution Centers

Distribution centers are crucial for the efficient movement of goods and materials. They require careful planning and design to ensure that products can be stored and transported quickly and efficiently. Our team has experience building distribution centers that are tailored to our clients’ needs. We can help you design and construct a facility that will streamline your supply chain and increase your bottom line.


Warehouses are essential for storing goods and materials for businesses of all sizes. They require careful planning and design to ensure that products can be stored and retrieved quickly and efficiently. We specialize in building warehouses that are tailored to our clients’ needs. We can help you design and construct a facility that will optimize your storage capacity and increase your efficiency.

At DESCCO, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to build quality industrial construction projects that meet our clients’ needs. Whether you need a new manufacturing facility, a distribution center, or something more unique, we’re here to help. If you’re searching for a reliable industrial construction company in the Reading and Berks County regions of Pennsylvania, DESCCO Design and Construction can assist you. Get in touch with us today to talk about your project!