Welcoming a New Client at DESCCO

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing Linda D. Lewis, our Business Development Manager, to learn how DESCCO welcomes a new client. She shared with us how clients’ needs are evaluated, next steps that may occur after deciding to move the project forward, and explained DESCCO’s Design/Build process, “The DESCCO Advantage”. 

Linda Lewis posing for a picture

Linda said, “Clients are important to us, and we try to be as responsive as possible to phone calls or contacts that we receive through our website or other source. Our professional construction services are great but only truly effective when we regularly communicate well with our clients. We offer a thoughtful and efficient process tailored to work with virtually any design, construction and remodeling project, including those for healthcare, commercial and veterinary industries. 

If you contact DESCCO about a project, you should expect to receive a reply almost immediately. Many clients have commented that we were the first company to respond to them. We take pride in quickly connecting with potential customers to understand their needs and goals for their specific project.”

Understanding Client Needs

After being contacted about a new project, we provide potential clients a series of questions to help us learn more about a project. These questions help us understand the project’s construction, remodeling, or renovation needs based on the type of industry. 

The following questions help us to understand client expectations for their project.


  1. What stage is your project in? (New idea, planning, budget development, design, ready to build)
  2. Do you have a design/sketch of your project that you can send us?
  3. Do you have a deadline for construction to be completed?
  4. Do you have a budget for the construction project?
  5. Where is the project location, (street address, city, state, township, county)
  6. Do you own the building structure or land or is there a lease in place?

The responses help us evaluate if a client is a great fit for our construction or remodeling services and if DESCCO is the best choice for the work needed.  This information helps us connect the client with a project manager who is best-qualified for the type of project.

Next Steps

Based on responses to the above questions, we will know how to guide a potential customer to the next step of the construction process. Examples of next steps could involve:

  • Site visit
  • Budget estimate based on experience and per-square-foot basis
  • Design/build contract with a fixed design price and construction budget estimate
  • Bid on the project if plans are already finalized

“The DESCCO Advantage”

The DESCCO Advantage offers clients a comprehensive Design/Build process, from beginning to end. Let’s take a closer look at each step, from Project Idea all the way to Construction and Turnover to Owner

  • Project Idea – A general description of the project
  • Planning – An evaluation of the feasibility of your project and hiring a construction team 
  • Preliminary budget – Determined based on square footage and experience with similar projects
  • Conceptual Plan – Planning out the project idea. In many cases, several designs are considered before deciding on a firm direction.
  • Conceptual Estimate – Accurate cost projections are likely provided at this stage of the process.
  • Financing – DESCCO can connect you with lending institutions so that you can decide if you should proceed with the project.
  • Plan Review with Owner – Our experience in leading this process helps to reduce the amount of time spent planning.
  • Design Work – Coordination of Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering happens at this stage. Interior/Exterior layout are also more fully developed. 
  • Detailed Cost Estimate – Can be provided to include site engineering, land developments costs, building construction, furnishings, contingencies, and financing costs
  • Preliminary Schedule – Reasonable projected timelines are prepared, and possible phasing of the project is considered if needed. 
  • Plan and Cost Review with Owner – DESCCO can prepare the design and project budget simultaneously. This is a primary benefit in hiring a design-build contractor. 
  • Establish a Lump Sum Price – Once plans are completed and approved by the owner, DESCCO will solicit bids from qualified subcontractors for the work and submit a final contract price
  • Final Design & Permitting – Finalized sealed plans are submitted to the Municipality and Code Reviewers to be sure that everything meets or exceeds the local codes, and ordinances.
  • Construction – When we have a permit and notice to proceed with the owner, DESCCO will begin to execute the construction of the project. 
  • Project Commissioning and Turnover to Owner – After a project is completed, DESCCO will provide warranties, manuals for equipment, as-build plans, and complete all punch-list items, all to ensure that we have met all agreed upon goals. 

Satisfied Customers

DESCCO Design & Construction has earned a positive reputation among those who worked with us in the past.  We offer a sensible approach to accomplish a project.  Our hope is that customers feel comfortable and supported throughout the entire project.  Returning customers and referrals are the best compliment that we can receive. If you’re planning a remodeling or new construction project, contact DESCCO Design and Construction and allow us to welcome you as a new client! 

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