DESCCO Veterinary Office Design, Construction, & Renovations in PennsylvaniaDESCCO Design & Construction offers a variety of veterinary hospital design and office construction services, including specialty medical office renovation and construction. We have become well adapted to the intricacies of veterinarian office renovations and construction.

As a veterinarian, you strive to provide top quality care for your four-legged patients, but an inadequate or outdated building can make that difficult. Do you find yourself constantly in need of more space? Are you unable to upgrade to more advanced technology and services due to the limitations of your building? Do you ever turn away patients because you’re out of capacity? Invest in your practice today with a building renovation and see how your business can continue to grow and succeed.

Plan Your Animal Hospital Construction Project

DESCCO Design & Construction offers a variety of veterinary hospital design and office construction services, including specialty medical office renovation and construction.

Veterinarian Office

We have become well adapted to the intricacies of veterinarian office renovations and construction.

At DESCCO Design & Construction, we understand the many unique environmental, spatial, and business needs that exist when it comes to your veterinarian office and our dedicated team has the expertise and background to work with your business to ensure that every one of those needs are met. The owners that trust you with their pets set a high standard of care and we expect you to set that same standard of quality work on our team, which we’re prepared to not only meet, but exceed.

You dream it, we'll design and build it. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

Work With Knowledgeable Clinic Designers

Whether you have a detailed plan for how you’d like your veterinary hospital construction project to look or you’re in need of veterinary hospital design ideas from our experienced and knowledgeable clinic designers, DESCCO Design & Construction can help! Our cohesive services will assist you from the beginning planning stages of your project through completion and our knowledgeable staff will work with you to understand the specific needs of your veterinarian office.

DESCCO Design & Construction will help to facilitate and promote efficient work flow in your space, and work to minimize disruptions to your practice if your project calls for it. Our overall objective means delivering veterinarian office facilities that improve quality of care in those facilities and for the patients that come into them. Turn your dream clinic into reality with the help of our services.


Call Us for New Builds, Renovations, and Fit Outs

Veterinary Hospital Design & Construction

With more families welcoming pets into their homes, there is an increased demand for animal hospitals and veterinarians. Whether you’re just beginning your journey in the profession and are interested in building a new clinic, you’re looking for renovations to be made to make your current space more efficient, or you have purchased a building and need an animal hospital fit out, we’re the team for the job.

You may be asking yourself, “What is a fit out.” A ‘Fit Out’ involves making the interior space of an office, retail, commercial building, or in this case, animal hospital suitable for the occupation. Call DESCCO for full or partial construction or demolition, installation of exam rooms, offices, or waiting rooms, new drywall, partitions, installation of lighting fixtures, flooring, carpeting, ceilings, and much more. Or if you’d rather design and build a new building from the ground up to your liking, we can do that as well. DESCCO Design & Construction has been performing quality construction services for more than 40 years.

The process of planning and starting a new build, renovation, or fit out may seem overwhelming at times, but when you partner with an experienced and trustworthy company like DESCCO, we take the stress off of your shoulders.

Pine Creek Animal Hospital Undergoes a Renovation

Owner of Pine Creek Animal Hospital and veterinarian, Dr. Ashley Turma was facing similar challenges with her space as many other veterinarians and practice owners. Since purchasing the building and practice in Christiana PA two years ago, Dr. Tuma has seen impressive growth thanks to the help of her talented staff and realized that with the addition of new hires and more clients, she needed to renovate to make a more efficient use of the space.

Dr. Tuma decided to work with DESCCO for her clinic’s project and said she has been pleasantly surprised with the professionalism, open communication, and ability to work in the timeframe without impacting her schedule. Since originally starting her project, she has modified her plan to fit her needs and has continued to keep her doors open, but we’re flexible and are proud of our ability to work with our clients.

She understands the importance of not only providing excellent veterinary care, but also offering a welcoming and comfortable facility, advanced equipment, and an experienced and passionate staff to her clients. She will be upgrading her equipment, increasing the size of the exam rooms, remodeling the waiting room with new paint, flooring, and furniture, and adding a comfort room that is homey for euthanasias.

Read more about her story and construction project here.

Keep Your Business Open

Is the idea of possibly having to close your animal hospital’s doors temporarily to undergo a renovation holding you back from getting started on your construction project? At DESCCO, we offer the flexibility to work with your time and budget. Animals still need to be cared for and their health shouldn’t take a backseat to construction, so you can feel assured that you can continue to operate while we work.

We’ll handle everything from the planning to project completion so you can focus on what’s important to you — the animals. Contact us today to discuss the needs you have for your veterinary hospital construction project and get started on furthering the success of your practice.

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