Starting Your Next Industrial Construction Project

An industrial construction project can be completely all-consuming, from scheduling and planning to the design phase to actually getting your space built. When you have other aspects of your commercial business to manage, the project can feel daunting and sometimes insurmountable. What can you do to make the project easier to tackle?

Your choice of construction company will make all the difference in what the process of your industrial construction project looks like, and how the final product turns out. Depending on who you decide to work with, you could either be in for a huge amount of stress and frustration, or a productive, satisfying project. Here are some of the things you should look for in an industrial construction company that will ensure you have the best possible experience and end result. 


When it comes to hiring a contractor, experience is key. Many things about an industrial building project can only be learned over time and through seeing different situations again and again. A lack of experience can hurt you not only in terms of time and budget, but also in terms of quality of work. One of the first questions that you’ll want to ask a potential contractor is how long they’ve been doing this. It can save you a lot of trouble down the road!

DESCCO, for example, is not only the Reading area’s most trusted contractor, but we have been in business for over 45 years, and the members of our team are all experienced industry professionals who have seen it all and are ready to tackle any project. 


Staying on budget and on schedule is a priority for every business manager who has to undertake an industrial building project, but you’ll find that some contractors don’t share your same commitment to those goals. Many times you’ll encounter companies who aren’t willing to respect your budget or other limitations on the project, or who are unclear and vague about time estimates and costs.

A good contractor will be one who is able to give you clear answers about costs and scheduling. They work with you to come up with a schedule for how fast the project will be completed, and they stick to that schedule with regular updates on progress so you know your time is being valued. A transparent contractor like DESCCO is an absolute must!

Past Work

This benchmark for choosing a contractor is almost a combination of the previous two. A contractor who is transparent about their experience will have plenty of examples of their past work to show you. From pictures to customer reviews, seeing and hearing about things that a general construction company has built before is one of the best ways to judge what your experience of working with them is going to be like, and how your project is going to turn out in the end.

When researching a company, take a look at their website to see their previous work for yourself. If you don’t find one, ask your contact in the company if there’s anything they can show you. If they seem reluctant or don’t have anything to provide you with, it’s probably a red flag. On the other hand, many examples of past work and lots of satisfied customer testimonials is a definite green flag! At DESCCO, we make a point to have our testimonials and reviews posted on our website along with lots of examples of our prior work, from office construction to bridges and everything in between. 

Starting an industrial construction project can be a daunting task, but with the right construction company, it doesn’t have to be! If you have an upcoming construction project, let DESCCO help you to create your space within time and budget constraints that work for you.