Modern Healthcare Construction Trends: Advice from a Contractor

There’s a lot more that goes into medical office construction than meets the eye. In order to create a medical office that truly impresses, it needs to have an appropriate abundance of space, cutting-edge medical equipment, and top-level planning and design from a medical building contractor who knows the game.

At DESCCO, we offer exceptional medical building design and construction services near the Reading, PA area. As a leading medical office contractor, we fully understand the modern trends that are most appealing to today’s general public.

To better understand what DESCCO brings to the table, let’s take a look at a few trends, design features, and concepts that will make your medical office building stand out from the crowd.

Modern Features and Trends of Medical Office Design

Medical office design has been steadily changing and evolving for generations. At one point in history, medical offices, clinical buildings, and outpatient centers were quite traditional in design and layout. Today however, greater attention has been given to medical offices designed specifically to instill comfortability, relaxation, and warmth in their patients.

Let’s take a look at a few growing trends in smart and effective medical office design that will really change the face of your industry.

Energy Efficient Medical Office Buildings

In recent years, medical facilities have been trending towards greener, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly concepts. As an industry that naturally requires a lot of energy to operate and maintain, medical offices are particularly good candidates for green, energy efficient construction.

Modern healthcare constructions should be made of high-tech, extremely durable materials that will create the strongest, most resistant buildings possible. Certain modern systems, like insulated concrete wall materials, are ideal for medical building contractors because they offer improved strength, faster installation, and they naturally offer improved air quality and moisture control.

Healthcare Facilities That Take Advantage of Digital Technology

When designing interiors for healthcare offices, medical building contractors recommend taking advantage of changes in modern digital technology needs.

For example, the use of digital kiosks can not only provide your medical center with a place for patients to check themselves in or out, but will also reduce congestion at the front desk and reception area, allowing your secretaries more time to attend to other important matters.

It is also important when planning the design of your medical office, that you be sure to include plenty of properly spaced outlets and even specialized USB inputs in both offices and waiting rooms in order to provide your patients and their families with the most convenience possible.

Harnessing technology in this manner will not only improve patient and guest satisfaction, but will make it easier for your staff members to do their jobs as well.

Medical Buildings That Incorporate Green Space For Patient Care

Recent medical studies have repeatedly found that spending time outdoors can be especially beneficial to human health and wellness. Therefore, the U.S. has been slowly trending towards medical office building construction that utilize nature as a source of healing. Frequently, this trend sees the inclusion of purposely landscaped green spaces that invite staff and patients to relax.

When designing your healthcare building, keep in mind that green spaces, such as courtyards or walking trials, should be easily accessible and can naturally be enjoyed by those confined to wheelchairs and those who rely on canes and walkers for mobility.

Such green spaces do not always require elaborate design. Even a small garden or pond area that is isolated from traffic and parking lots while incorporating purposely placed shrubbery and trees can create all the comfort you need.

Outpatient Centers That Feel More Like Home

One of the most beneficial modern trends in medical office building construction is interior design that feels less clinical and is created with individual comfort and familiarity in mind.

For some time, medical centers and healthcare buildings have been negatively associated with unwelcomeness, cold feelings, or sterility. Thankfully, recent trends in the interior design of these facilities have been moving away from this image.

Designing your medical office building to feel more like a warm and inviting home than a rigid hospital can dramatically increase patient satisfaction by creating comfortable spaces and encouraging relaxation and mental wellness.

As an added benefit, patients who are seated in waiting rooms that are geared towards this concept have been shown to find longer wait times more agreeable.

Health Centers That Include Larger Exam Rooms For Group Therapy Practices

Clinics that routinely deal with patients who have been diagnosed with chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, celiac disease, and others can benefit exponentially from group therapy treatments, recent studies show.

As a result, modern medical building contractors have been focusing more heavily on designing and constructing larger, more efficient exam rooms that allow healthcare providers to educate more people in less time. In addition, these facilities also include smaller, more personal exam rooms that can be used for patients who require private care.

For regular patients requiring weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly check-ins, this option saves time and space, increasing efficiency and lowering operating costs. As such, modern medical offices have been benefitting more and more frequently from this idea.

Choosing the Right Medical Building Contractor

If your goal is to develop a healthcare office construction that is every bit as modern, welcoming, helpful, and efficient as you can dream up, you’ll need to rely on a medical building contractor with the experience, knowledge, and talent to get the job done right.

At DESCCO, we have decades of experience in the construction and renovation of medical office buildings. As a result, we fully understand the modern trends and design concepts that will allow your facility to serve as a shining example of the quality of care you provide.
From your first initial consultation with our healthcare construction company to the treatment of your first patient within your medical office building, DESCCO will work with you every step of the way.

To begin your medical building construction journey in the Reading, PA area today, give us a call or contact us online. We’ll be sure to use our experience and specialization to complete your project on-time, on-budget, and with the utmost commitment to your vision.