Looking Back on Our 2022 Achievements & Goals for 2023

Year after year, DESCCO Design & Construction prides itself on its commitment to delivering exceptional construction and remodeling services to all our clients. In 2022, we achieved numerous milestones, including the completion of several large-scale projects with satisfied customers and better optimizing our workforce to produce the most efficient results without losing quality. With a focus on delivering value to our clients, our team of experienced professionals ensured that our projects were completed in a timely fashion and within budget. 

As we reflect on our recent accomplishments and look ahead to our goals in 2023, we thought it would be helpful to get some insight and highlights from DESCCO’s company president, Nick Stoltzfus. With Nick’s expertise, we can better understand what we’ve achieved as a company and where we’re headed as we continue to grow by offering unparalleled customer service and delivering high-quality results for every project.

2022 Highlights

Last year was formative in a variety of ways at DESCCO Design & Construction. According to Nick, it was an “iron sharpens iron” period, meaning we’ve worked together to draw out more efficient practices that better support our customers. As we navigated the challenging economy, inflation, and uncertainty, it provided our team with the opportunity to look internally to hone our skills and processes to emerge a leaner more focused organization. Additionally, we identified which customers we are best suited to help, we retooled and organized to become more efficient, and we implemented better processes to manage and streamline all our operations. Perhaps most importantly, we continued to provide stable employment for our high-performing workforce while adding some new very talented individuals to help our team prosper.

2023 Goals

When asked about the company’s goals for this year, Nick emphasized DESCCO’s recent successes as a business along with the continued need to remain careful and nimble as a business. Overall, our team is proud of our 47-year history in the industry and the reputation we’ve built together, however we know that our prior experience alone will not keep us relevant in a changing world. It is our plan to continue to remain flexible as we adapt our organization to lay the foundation for continued success for generations to come. 

Nick also mentioned that, at our core, the DESCCO team supports a simple principle: we believe in positively impacting the lives we touch. This goes far beyond ensuring customer satisfaction. It applies to how we treat our employees, subcontractors, suppliers, and peers. We will continue to use this approach to deliver superior results to those we serve.

Did the Construction Industry Change in 2022, and What’s Expected for the Future?

DESCCO’s industry, as many others, has experienced new challenges in the last few years, including extreme labor shortages, supply chain issues, and unstable material prices to name a few. This has complicated the building process and is changing how our customers buy construction services

Nick shared that price is less important, and that our focus as a company is being put more toward ensuring the right team is in place to deliver a project within the time frame needed. As we launch into 2023, success in construction will be achieved by companies that have the expertise, workforce, relationships, and wherewithal to help mitigate the shortages that will likely continue.

Nick noted that if you are thinking about a new project for 2023, now is the perfect time to reach out to the team at DESCCO. In fact, our team likes to be involved in a project from the initial abstract idea stage all the way through construction & commissioning. As an ally, we excel at helping navigate the difficult, scary, and challenging process of designing and building. We bring experience and innovation to every customer relationship to better help find the right balance between the needs, the wants, and the cost for every project.

Construction Trends for the Year Ahead

Going into 2023, some construction markets are showing signs of slowing down and experts like Nick Stoltzfus expect this to continue into 2024. Based on his experience, due to rising interest rates the slowing is most apparent in the housing market, which leads to more capacity in other building sectors. Some great news is that material prices are stabilizing despite continued supply chain issues, and the availability of subcontractors has improved as most have completed their large backlogs of work. If you’re considering a commercial or industrial project, the timing now is good with this stabilization. For instance, the team at DESCCO expects public and highway work to remain strong as our government continues to increase funding for infrastructure.

For 2024 and beyond, there are new ideas and exciting technologies being tested that will revolutionize the way we work, think, and conduct business. Some of it sounds like science fiction, but the applications are here for real. To name a few, Artificial Intelligence based systems are starting to replace the way we perform takeoffs and estimates. Remote operation of equipment through Virtual Reality is allowing operators to work throughout the world without traveling. Wearable robotic exoskeletons are boosting human strength to increase production while improving ergonomics and safety. It’s an exciting time for innovation, and DESCCO is at the forefront of incorporating these technologies to provide more cost-effective and high-quality solutions for every customer.

As Nick was quick to say, the most important part of DESCCO’s ongoing success is in our people. Our team is at the foundation of everything we achieve. They are smart, responsible, talented, and experienced. As a close-knit group of professionals, we work hard, we learn, we teach, and we build with confidence to create exceptional facilities and a great customer experience. If you’re interested in a new construction project and would like to discuss how to best realize it, don’t hesitate to contact the team at DESCCO to speak to one of our expert staff members.

Team photo of DESCCO employees.