GR Mitchell Looks Great Following DESCCO Addition and Renovations

When it comes to construction and design, it should come as no surprise that an experienced home improvement material provider with over 50 years of experience in the industry would know a thing or two about quality, trust, and efficiency.

Local home improvement supplier GR Mitchell knows good construction when they see it, and that’s just one of the many reasons why Tom Keller, the store’s president and owner, chose DESCCO Design & Construction for the Willow Street location’s recent store renovations.

“We were looking for attention to detail and we really wanted to use a contractor that was a current customer of ours,” Keller said. “Our relationship with Chuck and Linda Lewis played a factor. DESCCO also worked with us and allowed us to self-perform our trades.”

DESCCO Design & Construction, Inc. and G. R. Mitchell has had an excellent working relationship for many years. G. R. Mitchell has been supplying building materials to S. E. Smoker, a design build contractor, now owned by DESCCO.

Tom himself has been with GR Mitchell since 2011, when he took over for Steve Mitchell following his retirement in May of 2019. Keller currently shares ownership of the enterprise with Betty Marley, who serves the store as the Vice President of Finance.

Together, the two have decided to take their company in a new direction that builds upon past successes while opening up a wealth of new opportunities for GR Mitchell to better serve its customers and clients. The first step in this journey was a much needed property renovation.

“Due to the rapid growth of our company, we were in desperate need of additional office space,” Keller stated. “We also needed conference rooms, more restrooms, and all things that go along with more people in an office. We had no more room to grow in our former space, and it was definitely not an efficient work environment.”

That’s where DESCCO came in. Relying on their professional rapport and history of business, the two companies were able to harmoniously come together to create a whole new experience for GR Mitchell’s employees and customers.

Even before construction started, DESCCO was able to help GR Mitchell with project budgeting and scheduling, MEP design and engineering, project management, supervision, coordination, and permitting.

As part of the project, DESCCO was tasked with building several new additions to the company’s offices, including a kitchen space for the employees, additional office space, and expanded retail floors. To date, the renovations have proven incredibly beneficial.

Phase I, which included a 9,600 sq. ft, office and showroom addition, has been a massive hit with GR Mitchell’s employees.

“The new space has allowed personnel to have their own space that was designed with them in mind. More square footage has allowed us to spread out and work more efficiently. It has also allowed us to continue growing as a company without concerns for office space,” Keller said.

“…Our former office space has been converted to additional retail space which has worked out tremendously,” Keller added.

Phase II of the project, a whopping 12,923 sq. ft. store remodel, was a massive undertaking, but a real treat for both current and future customers and clients.

Altogether, DESCCO’s professional construction services included clearing and grubbing, erosion and sediment controls, earthwork, excavation, complete building construction, construction of curbs, sidewalks, and walkways, parking lot paving, line painting, and installation of concrete parking bumpers, as well as ADA signage.

As with any extensive construction or remodeling project, DESCCO and GR Mitchell encountered a few snags along the way. However, through open communication and a strong desire to do right by everyone involved, these very minor hang ups were worked out and smoothed over.

Still, for others who may be looking to kick off a construction, remodel, or renovation project of their very own, Tom Keller recommends ironing out as many details as possible before the actual construction starts.

“Take the time to make sure the plans have as much detail as possible to keep everyone on the same page,” he said.

At the conclusion of the GR Mitchell renovation project, it’s already clear that both employees and customers are working more happily and efficiently as ever.

When asked about his first impressions of the project, Keller stated, “We are very happy with the outcome of our project. I get continuous compliments from our vendors and customers at how well our project turned out. It is not only much more functional, but it looks amazing.”

When asked directly if he would consider recommending DESCCO Design & Construction services to another company in need of a remodel, Keller had this to say:

“Yes. They have a high quality of work, and with Chuck’s extensive experience, he helped influence many of our decisions. Everyone was great to work with. Of course, we knew they would be great since we have worked as a supplier for them for many years.”

When it comes to major business renovation decisions, DESCCO Design & Construction, with offices in Berks and Lancaster Counties, has all the knowledge, tools, and desire to get the job done to your utmost satisfaction.

“We are privileged to provide building services to one of the fastest growing building supply companies in the region. Expansion of their turn-key Prime Builder Services, the kitchen cabinetry division and retail hardware store necessitated more office and showroom space for their 45-member team,” DESCCO President Nicholas D Stoltzfus said.

At DESCCO Design & Construction, we work with our clients’ timelines and budgets, even accommodating businesses that need to remain open while renovations are underway.

“After the building addition was complete, we immediately began the adjoining store remodel requiring the project to be split up into four sections so that the store could remain open for retail sales during the construction process. This remodel was completed in record time to make way for the new True-Value Hardware store layout, shelving, and kiosks,” Stoltzfus said.

Whether you have a vision of how your new construction build or renovation should look, or you need expert guidance on your project, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re always willing to help.