5 Important Aspects of Commercial Remodeling to Consider Before You Invest

A remodeling project is a huge undertaking for you and your business, and not something you take lightly. There’s a lot of work to be done in terms of planning and preparation, and not all of it is fully intuitive. Many things that are very important to know for the remodeling process are things that you might never have thought of before! This short list is intended to help you by laying out some of the important aspects of a commercial remodel that you need to consider before you start a project. Here’s what you need to know.

Have a Specific Plan

A remodeling project is not something you do by the seat of your pants, especially a commercial one. You need to have a very clear view of the project’s direction and what you want your end goal to look like. If you don’t, you might end up having to make changes once the project has already begun, or even after the fact, which will waste time and money. Plan things like your preferences on layout, room design, windows or fixtures, and more. A good contractor will have preconstruction services that can help you during this part of the project.

Use Energy Efficient Materials

It might not be obvious at a glance, but old or outdated materials can really hurt how well your commercial space functions and can be a blow to your finances as well. A remodel is a great opportunity to make the switch to new materials that are more up to date and more energy efficient. Newer insulation, for instance, can make a big difference, especially when paired with a new HVAC unit. Low flow plumbing and updated pipes can help you save on the water bill, and new windows can make keeping your space comfortable easier and less expensive.

Make Cosmetic Upgrades

Certain aesthetic choices that are out of style can really date your space in a way that won’t do you any favors when it comes to making an inviting workplace or helping your commercial space look attractive to potential customers. It’s best if the style choices you make for your upgrades help to reflect your company’s branding so that even the area you work in functions as a useful marketing tool!

Make Functional Upgrades

An unattractive space can hurt your business already, but a space that functions poorly is even worse. A remodeling project is a great time to update your safety and security features, make electrical improvements, change layouts to avoid traffic jams or unused corners, or even widen hallways or walkways to improve the flow of the area. You could also consider installing upgraded equipment relevant to your industry, allowing you and your staff to work more efficiently. Even something as simple as installing better lighting fixtures could improve your working environment by promoting energy and decreasing errors.

Hire an Expert Contractor

Without a doubt, the most important decision you’ll make during your entire commercial remodeling process is the contractor you work with. With the right one, they can help you from the very beginning of the planning process to the completion of the project, giving you a beautiful and functional space to enjoy doing business in. If you’re planning a commercial remodeling project, contact DESCCO Design and Construction and let us help you make your space great!