Hiring a General Contractor: Top Commercial Construction Services

When you hire a general contractor for your upcoming commercial construction project, you know what you’re expecting to get– a new space built and a job well done. However, when you’re working with a high-quality, reliable contractor like DESCCO Design and Construction that prioritizes doing the job right and never cutting corners, a job well done includes so much more! A high-level contractor like DESCCO will be able to offer many other services besides just general contracting. Here are a few of the ones that we provide! 

Pre- and Post-Construction Services 

A construction project doesn’t start when building begins, and doesn’t end when it’s completed. There are steps to the process that extend far beyond the actual construction phase in both directions, and a quality general contractor will be able to help you through all of them! A contractor like DESCCO will be working closely with you throughout the planning stages before

construction begins, developing a realistic plan for what your finished space will look like and contain, and will be by your side throughout the final inspections and other loose ends of the post-construction phase to ensure that everything is completed correctly. 

Construction Management 

If you’ve ever been involved in a building or remodeling project before, even one at your own home, you know that managing such a project is practically a full time job in and of itself. Coordinating, scheduling, and staying on top of the many different aspects of a new build or remodel can eat up a lot of time and energy. That’s why reliable contractors like DESCCO offer construction management services to take care of the schedule, cost, safety, and scope of your project so that you don’t have to! 

Ground-Up Construction vs. Renovations and Remodels 

Not all construction projects are the same, and not every person or company who gets in touch with a general contractor for their upcoming project is looking for the same thing. Even within the same subset, like retail construction, one person might be looking to simply redo the counters and cabinets in their store, while another might want to build an entirely new space from scratch. The best contractors are able to satisfy the wants and needs of both of these types of customers, offering ground up construction, renovations and remodels, and all other services in between. 

Design-Build Services 

One of the most important and intensive parts of the pre-construction process is the design phase, and with many contractors who don’t offer a high standard of service, this is something that’s left entirely in the hands of the customer. Every construction project, from a basic remodel to a full new build, needs to be designed and planned by a qualified engineer or architect, and if your contractor doesn’t offer design-build services, you’ll be left floundering on your own trying to find the help you need to come up with a suitable design for your project. However, when you choose a design-build contractor like DESCCO, you won’t have to deal with third parties or stress about where the design plans for your new space are coming from. We offer these crucial pre-construction services in house to give you a stress-free and convenient solution. 

Facility Maintenance Services 

Even when the final pieces of paperwork have been signed and you’ve begun fully utilizing your new space, there are still needs that you might have that a professional contractor is the best choice to help you with. When you’re in need, DESCCO is the place for you to go, with reliable facility maintenance services that can help you long after we’ve shaken hands and called it a day on your construction or remodeling project! Offerings like these are what set the quality contractors apart from the crowd.

If you have a commercial construction or remodeling project coming up, there’s only one contractor you can trust to give you the level of service that you deserve: DESCCO Design and Construction! To learn more about your options with DESCCO, contact us today, and one of our experienced team members will help you.