Eric Peterson Celebrates 30 Year Anniversary with DESCCO!

The heart and soul of any successful company lies with its workforce. Here at DESCCO, we are proud to employ one of the most dedicated and experienced teams in the area. For some employees, a job is just that, a job. For others, it’s a lifelong commitment to their craft.

Naturally, every business owner looks forward to the day when they can welcome a true professional to the team, and that’s exactly what we got with Eric Peterson, DESCCO’s Vice President and Project Manager.

This year marks Eric’s 30th anniversary with DESCCO. Starting out as a project manager, his career at DESCCO was his third move, which he made 12 years out of college. He is a graduate of New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and holds a degree in Civil Engineering.

Eric’s interest in construction and engineering began at a young age. In his earlier years, he worked as an instrument man for his father’s surveying business. It was this family connection that sparked his desire to pursue construction and engineering as a career.

To date, Peterson’s biggest job has been the Hamburg Wastewater Treatment Plant, a $6 million project that took nearly two years to complete. Eric’s other work has mostly focused on public works bidding and bridge building, especially setting bridge foundations.

Prior to starting at DESCCO, Peterson worked at Conrail for nine and a half years, where he was responsible for inspections, repairs, and the replacement of bridges and tunnels. While with Conrail, he instituted innovative new bridge tech replacement techniques that were later adopted by the entire Conrail Railroad System.

Following a brief stint as a Township Engineer for a Montgomery County engineering firm, Peterson was able to strike up a conversation with DESCCO owner Dwight E. Stoltzfus, a connection who helped him come aboard with our company on December 1, 1990.

Over Eric’s career with DESCCO, he has seen the company evolve from a smaller concrete company into a full-blown construction agency that tackles all types of projects, big or small. During Peterson’s time with DESCCO, the company has grown to 3-4 times the size it was when he first began his career here.

“We do so many different things that it’s not the same thing all of the time. Being able to go from a building project to waste water project to bridge project. Keeps your body and mind active,” he said.

With their children now grown and scattered all over, Eric and his wife have become empty nesters. Together, they spend their free time travelling and expanding their horizons, visiting every corner of the United States. Last year, they visited South Africa as well. Next on the list? The great state of Montana!

For three decades, Eric Peterson has been a foundational asset for DESCCO. According to him, one of the company’s biggest advantages is having long-term employees who are able to tackle the many different project types.

“It is a pleasure to get to work alongside Eric everyday. His experience and engineering
background brings unique insight, professionalism and judgment to every project he touches. He has been a tremendous asset to our customers and business.” said DESCCO President
Nicholas D Stoltzfus. “I look forward to working together on many more projects in the years to

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Mr. Peterson for being a crucial part of this company for the past 30 years. Your years of hard work and commitment to excellence have helped shape DESCCO into the company it is today!