DESCCO Delivers: An Interview with Design and Construction Client, Monica Schick, DMD

DESCCO Design and Construction prides itself on the ability to create beautiful, functional buildings for a variety of purposes. Our clients trust us to deliver the completed construction project of their dreams because they understand that their satisfaction is our ultimate priority.

Recently, we reached out to a former client of ours, local dentist Dr. Monica Schick, in order to help give anyone who may be considering embarking on a medical office design or commercial construction project a little insight into our relationship with our clients and the satisfaction we provide. 

DESCCO worked diligently alongside Dr. Schick to ensure that she received everything she was hoping for in her dental office construction project. Her practice is located at 108 Plaza Drive, Suite 102, in Blandon, PA.

Q: How Did You First Hear About DESCCO?

A: I found DESCCO through an online search, and soon began to hear good reviews about the work they’ve done.

Q: What Were You Looking For in a Construction Firm When You Decided to Choose DESCCO?

A: I needed a company that was experienced in dental design and would be able to provide guidance throughout the project while remaining on schedule. DESCCO made this all feasible.

Q: What Were Your Main Needs When You Decided to Undergo a Project with DESCCO? 

A: Our former landlord opted not to renew our lease because they were in need of the space for their own use. I needed an aggressive time frame and a larger facility that still allowed me to stay in the same general area.

Q: How Did DESCCO Help From the Start of Your Project All the Way Through Its Completion?

A: I bought a vacant lot and DESCCO helped design a building that perfectly fit all of my needs. They were able to coordinate all aspects of the project and welcomed my input without needing me for every small decision. I could be as involved as I wished without ever feeling overwhelmed.

Q: What Was it Like Working With DESCCO’s Design and Construction Team?

A: DESCCO’s team always listened to my needs and concerns. [Project Manager] Ryan Conrad was very attentive and answered my inquiries very quickly. The team always made sure I was kept up-to-date on the progress of the building.

Q: Did You Encounter Any Changes Mid-Project? If So, How Did DESCCO Accommodate You?

A: As the project got close to budget, we would meet to discuss options that would help to curtail expenses. My desires were always considered, and the final decision was always mine to make.

Q: What Has Your New Space Allowed You to Do and How Has It Helped Your Team and Patients?

A: We have been able to expand our dental team, which has allowed us to increase our staff in order to accommodate even more new patients as well as our patients of record. We now have the space to expand further as my practice grows, and we’ll even be able to add additional doctors in the future.

Q: What Advice Would You Give Another Company Pursuing a Construction Project With DESCCO?

A: DESCCO was a great one-stop-shop. They already knew all the contractors needed for the job, and their desire to support local businesses also impressed me.

Q: Would You Recommend DESCCO to Another Company?

A: I would definitely highly recommend DESCCO to others. I believe they kept the process as easy as possible for me thanks to their vast knowledge and experience with dental office construction and design.

Q: What Are Your Final Impressions of the Project and Your New Space?

A: Everyone entering our new building is impressed with the quality of work and how quickly it materialized, even despite everything that happened during COVID-19.

Thank you so much Dr. Schick for your detailed responses and high praise. It was a pleasure to work with you, and we would love to collaborate again in the future!

Since 1976, DESCCO Design and Construction has been the top choice of business owners and design teams for new construction projects, additions, and refurbishing or renovating spaces. 

We work with you early in the planning stages to offer guidance on planning, design and execution of the project. As your dental office contractor, we will take charge of coordinating the project from beginning to end, and we pride ourselves not only on quality work, but quality communication as well. 

Whether working directly with you, your architect, or your engineer, we bring practical design expertise to the project. Our experienced team knows what looks good, but even more importantly, we know what will work best for the construction or renovation project you are building.

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