Commercial General Contractor Services & Expertise for Business Owners

At DESCCO Design & Construction, we have decades of experience working closely with business owners to ensure top-quality commercial contracting services for every project. From Eastern Pennsylvania, we’re proud to offer our expertise in design, project supervision, and technical know-how to support many different kinds of commercial project needs, including office renovations, restaurant construction, warehouse construction, and more. 

Our passionate team includes commercial general contractors, project managers, concrete foremans, project estimators, and engineers with the technical expertise and applied knowledge to support almost any commercial remodeling or construction goal. As a full-service business, we take responsibility for the daily supervision of the construction site and the complete oversight of every project step. We also maintain an open line of communication between all parties for the entirety of any project. 

To get a better handle on the commercial general contracting services we provide, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of working with DESCCO to support your dream project, from initial concept work all the way to completion!

Our General Contracting Expertise

As an experienced member of the larger construction industry, our team members are dedicated problem-solvers who are ready to apply their effective construction and remodeling expertise to address any challenges. DESCCO Design & Construction serves business owners across industries by working closely with them to plan out complex engineering and construction projects. In our teamwork environment, we ensure a fair, cost-effective, and highly professional manner that helps us care for your commercial project as attentively and productively as we care for our employees and their safety. We make sure to oversee every part of construction operations and work with our group of trusted subcontractors to guarantee quality work every time.

Our Design-Build Construction Services

At DESCCO, our project team always prioritizes closely working with business owners to achieve the common goals of the best functionality, competitive pricing, and premium quality at every step, including during the pre-bid planning and design phases. One of the best advantages of design-build work is that it streamlines a project’s processes by including both design and construction details within a single contract. Reducing the number of different contracts helps every step stay simpler so that everyone knows the details regarding what’s coming up next and what’s been completed. It also helps to remove unnecessary costs, all without sacrificing quality, safety, life cycle, reliability, and dependability.

Our Construction Management Experience

With proper construction management, nothing is wasted toward completing your project exactly how you need it done. Essentially, construction management optimizes how time, money, and resources are spent on your construction or remodeling project. This process helps each contractor do their best work while a given construction manager can more effectively supervise a project. More specifically, construction management reduces inefficiencies in at least four domains: project administration, project construction supervision, project planning, and the performance of all construction work. All in all, this helps add value to your project by saving resources. For instance, our teams work closely with business owners and experienced subcontractors to prevent any potential design problems. Once a project’s contract documents are created, we’ll get competitive bids for each type of work needed and manage the contracts and on-site operations during construction.

At DESCCO Design & Construction, we’re proud to offer comprehensive commercial contractor services, from start to finish. Our clients know they can trust us toward a job well done that’s on time and on budget. We provide the capability and experience along with the latest technology and equipment needed to ensure a successful construction or renovation project. If you need an experienced commercial general contractor to get started, contact DESCCO Design and Construction so we can help realize your project!