Commercial Construction Trends to Watch for in 2023

2023 is here at last, and as we all ring in the new year, it’s also time to look ahead at what changes this coming year is likely to bring for the construction industry. There are lots of exciting new trends that experts are anticipating will be prevalent this year, and they reflect the ways that the entire commercial construction industry and other relevant industries have been growing and developing over recent years. We’re looking forward to seeing how these trends change the projects we work on and our methods for doing our jobs, so let’s take a look at some of the construction trends we’re watching out for in 2023!

Environmentally Friendly and Green Construction

Green buildings are becoming more and more common all across the country, and their steady creep up in popularity suggests that they will continue to become commonplace as the years pass. These buildings are designed to be energy efficient, often with their own renewable energy setups like solar panels, as well as being efficient with water, using environmentally preferable building materials, reducing waste and toxins, promoting indoor air quality and having conscientious growth and development plans. 

Going green is a priority for many individuals and companies these days, especially since official tax incentives are now available in some areas for environmentally friendly commercial buildings. This trend in green construction is likely to be a big area of focus in 2023.

Increased Digitization

We’re living in a boom era for technology, and things that we consider commonplace today would’ve seemed like science fiction just a few short years ago, like smart thermostats and appliances, or even integrated technology like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This increase in digitization is undoubtedly going to be a major trend of 2023, as high tech additions become more of a necessity in new buildings than a luxury.

3D Printing

3D printing is an innovation that spelled exciting new things for the construction industry from the moment it was introduced, and this year it’s likely that these applications will be put into practical use more and more. Some companies are utilizing 3D printers to create spare parts and other essentials they need for their equipment to have them on hand easier and more quickly than ordering them. It can also be used for things like building models, and some adventurous experimenters are even using versions of the technology for building actual structures, like schools, houses, and refugee centers. While those applications might still be undergoing development, the uses for a 3D printer in the construction industry are quite literally endless.

Prefabrication and Modular Construction

You’re likely to see these two closely related concepts popping up in 2023. Modular construction involves most of a structure getting built offsite before being transferred to its intended final destination. Prefabrication involves making or assembling certain parts elsewhere and attaching them to their intended building later on. Not only do these options open up possibilities for increased production speed and cost effectiveness, they also help to reduce the waste and transportation-related emissions that often go along with construction, contributing to the environmental friendliness of a project. Prefabrication and modular construction also help to reduce the errors or budgetary overruns that can occur in a construction project, something that’s desirable for both customer and contractor

These are just a few of the many exciting trends that are expected to be big in construction this year, and we’re looking forward to seeing how they evolve! If you’re planning a new construction project and would like to discuss current trends in the industry that may be a good fit for you, feel free to contact the team at DESCCO to speak to one of our expert staff members.