Choosing the Best Design Build Construction Contractor for Your Business

As you prepare to start your business’ construction project, it can feel overwhelming to go through the process of hiring both a design team and a construction team to realize your vision. Luckily, you can streamline your project by hiring an experienced and thorough design-build company like DESCCO Design & Construction to handle both aspects of the project. But how do you know which design-build contractors are the best fit for your business’ needs?

When selecting design-build companies, there are quite a few things you should consider before signing any contract. Generally speaking, it’s important to first learn more about what a design-build team does to understand what they can contribute to your project. Next, it’s a good idea to identify specific skills that your preferred design-build company offers to ensure you get the best service. There are plenty of more specific topics to consider too, and we’ve included some of the most critical variables to keep in mind when selecting your ideal construction company below. Let’s take a closer look at everything you need to know about working with a design-build company for your business.

What is Design-Build Delivery?

The Design-Build process is essentially a method of project delivery in which a design-build team works under just one contract with the project owner in order to provide comprehensive design and construction services at every stage of the project. When you hire DESCCO for your business’ construction needs, our expert design-build team streamlines every step of the process, which also provides clients with a single source of accountability. This helps to simplify both the points of contact for clients during different stages of the project and general oversight for team leads to ensure quality work.

One of the biggest advantages to choosing a design-build company is that the dialogue is kept open between the designers and builders across the project stages. This allows them to understand and better plan for what can be achieved during design steps before working out in the field. Once construction has started, the team can also more easily collaborate to address any issues or changes, which delivers better problem-solving and innovation toward completing a client’s project.

What to Look for in a Design-Build Construction Company

When researching the best design-build company for your business, it’s crucial to look for a variety of qualifications so you know your project will be completed on time and within budget. Here are a few attributes to consider when making a decision:

  • Managerial Experience: A design-build company like DESCCO should offer effective management skills because there are a wide range of capabilities and components that go into any construction project. These components require experienced managerial planning and delegation so everyone knows their responsibilities at all times.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication skills help establish a personal experience for clients by guaranteeing the people you’re working with are passionate, dedicated, and friendly. It’s also essential to choose a team who will update you with information as they receive it and be ready to discuss the site’s progression throughout the project.
  • Architectural Experience: Offering the best architectural skills ensures comprehensive architectural design and planning for your project. 
  • Close Contact with Suppliers: Making sure that your design-build company of choice has contact with the right people will help increase the chance that they have everything they require to complete any project efficiently.
  • A Great Safety Record: When looking for a company’s safety record, you can specifically ask for its experience modification rate. This rate is considered a universal measure of a construction company’s safety standards. For example, a rate less than 1 suggests that the design-build firm has a top-notch safety record.

Contact DESCCO for Your Business’s Design-Build Needs

Now that you know what to research when looking for your best design-build company, you’ll be more prepared during all of the processes of your project. Consider DESCCO Design & Construction as one of the best companies for your design-build project. When you need an experienced and passionate commercial contractor that offers design-build services for every step of your project, contact DESCCO Design and Construction so we can help you realize your goals today!