Challenges That Can Derail Commercial Construction Projects

Doing construction work on a commercial building, be it a renovation or a new build from scratch, is a major undertaking. If you’re planning such a project right now, you certainly know this fact! Between intense planning phases and tight work schedules, these projects can feel like full time jobs in and of themselves, and that’s when everything goes according to plan. 

Unfortunately, sometimes problems arise that can throw your project into a tailspin, halting work and disrupting carefully planned schedules. When you can anticipate these problems in advance, however, and make smart choices that will help you avoid them, you run a much better chance of things staying on track! Here are some of the most common challenges in commercial construction.

Project Delays

Delays in the timeline of your construction project can come from just about anywhere. Things like the weather, of course, are out of human control, but you may also run into problems like supply chain issues that cause material shortages, late deliveries of supplies, or labor shortages. When your schedule fails to account for these potential delays, you can end up scrambling to stay on top of the project.

Design Errors

Flaws in the design and plan of your new space, whether you’re revamping and renovating or building something new, can become a major wrench in the works of your project if they aren’t fixed early on. Mistakes in the final plans that are missed by architects or engineers can become errors that need to be fixed later on, costing both time and money.

Safety Concerns

Safety issues that pose a hazard to the crew working on a project or to the safety of the finished space are a common roadblock to run into during construction projects. While sometimes these hazards can be unpredictable and unavoidable, they frequently arise when a contractor or construction company has been cutting corners of safety practices in order to save time. For example, regular inspections and servicing of equipment and machinery helps prevent dangerous equipment failure, and proper zoning inspections of a site before construction begins can help rule out environmental hazards. Skipping over these guidelines and regulations can often end up having a heavy cost down the line.


Dealing with local and state regulations, laws, and ordinances can be a hassle, especially if you’re trying to handle the paperwork and permitting yourself and aren’t familiar with the task. Changing rules and lengthy processes are something that is easier to handle when you have a good deal of experience and understanding, which not every contractor in the business does.

Avoid These Challenges with DESCCO

There’s good news amidst all these potential challenges in your commercial construction project– many of these roadblocks can be avoided altogether if you choose the right contractor to work with! A quality design-build contractor will be able to create a schedule that accommodates unexpected holdups, deliver a plan without flaws or mistakes, follow best safety protocols before, during, and after construction, and manage the permitting process for your area with ease. All of these things come from experience and commitment to quality, and when you work with DESCCO Design and Construction on your project, quality is exactly what you’re getting! 

If you’re interested in learning more about how DESCCO uses our four-plus decades in the construction business to avoid these common pitfalls, contact us today. We’re ready to discuss your upcoming project with you!