the design-build team finalizing the price on a project with the clients

Construction Delivery Methods: Design-Build vs. Design-Bid-Build

There are many construction delivery methods available for developers to chose from. However, 2 methods stand out as being the most used amongst clients; the design-build method, and the design-bid-build method.  These project delivery methods may seem similar because of their names, but there are major differences between them that developers should consider when they […]

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Get to Know Our New Carpenter’s Apprentice, Chase!

At DESCCO Design & Construction, we have a reputation in our community for providing 45 years of high-quality work and above-and-beyond customer service, but we owe the credit for building this reputation to our dedicated and skillful team as without them, this wouldn’t be possible!  We are excited to share that our team has recently […]

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Steve Behm Retires After 39 Years With DESCCO

  The strength of a building lies in its foundation. At DESCCO, our foundation is made up of loyal employees who carry out their tasks with pride.  Not every business is lucky enough to find dedicated staff that are willing to commit to and uphold its values. Fortunately, here at DESCCO, we have been rewarded […]

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ISNetworld - Member Contractor. Avetta - Formerly PICS Auditing.

DESCCO Design and Construction: A Proud Member of ISNetworld and Avetta

DESCCO Design and Construction is proud to be a member contractor of both ISNetworld and Avetta. These organizations are incredibly helpful when it comes to both our daily business practices and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. As an ISNetworld member contractor and an Avetta certified contractor, we are able to not only connect with […]

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Celebrating 45 Years of Unmatched Design and Construction Expertise!

Celebrating 45 Years of DESCCO Design & Construction with President Nicholas Stoltzfus

May 2021 marks 45 consecutive years of unmatched design and construction expertise in a wide variety of projects across the great state of Pennsylvania and the Mid-Atlantic Region as a whole. DESCCO Design and Construction’s 45th Anniversary is certainly a momentous occasion, and a remarkable achievement to be proud of. After all, compiling nearly half […]

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How to Alter Your Veterinary Clinic to Accommodate Curbside Appointment Services

With recent events having caused most Berks county veterinarians to alter their facility to accommodate curbside drop-off and pick-up, the way you’ve been caring for your furry patients and communicating with their families has been dramatically altered. At DESCCO Design & Construction, we want to let you know that our business recognizes and understands the […]

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Local Home Improvement Supplier GR Mitchell Looking Great Following DESCCO Renovations

When it comes to construction and design, it should come as no surprise that an experienced home improvement material provider with over 50 years of experience in the industry would know a thing or two about quality, trust, and efficiency. Local home improvement supplier GR Mitchell knows good construction when they see it, and that’s […]

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Designing a Restaurant Floor Plan: Advice From a Contractor

For those who dream of one day designing, building, and operating their very own restaurant, there’s a lot to think about. Unfortunately, whether it seems unimportant, overwhelming, or simply flies under the radar, many people with this dream don’t give a second thought to their desired floor plan. In reality though, the floor plan is […]

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