DESCCO has been the choice of top business owners and design teams. We have the proven experience, are committed to open, honest dialog with you and everyone involved in your project, and we can and will meet any challenge with practical, functional and innovative thinking.We are a “bricks & mortar” company and although that may sound old fashioned, we use the latest technology for designing, planning, and managing. We truly are different as a result of our deep rooted values and the relationships we build with our customers. We want to learn about you, your business, and most important how you do business to ensure we meet your goals and expectations. It is our sincere desire to work closely with open and honest discussions throughout the planning, execution, and completion of the building process.

Proven Experience

Since 1976, DESCCO has been the choice of top business owners and design teams. We have built more than 2,500 projects, our top ten staff average more than 20 years of experience each and total more than 201 years of experience building with us. This offers a deep and diverse reservoir of knowledge so our craftsmen can react to help in many areas of specialization. Our experience means few surprises and a project that is built on time and on budget.

We take pride in the length of service of all our key people, and having a group of loyal, dedicated staff and craftspeople is directly attributable to our 40 years of commitment to our customers’ needs.

We know it takes real people with unique skills to supervise and build a quality building from the ground up and on time. Many on our staff of professional engineers, project managers and craftspeople are long term employees who have many years of experience in the construction industry. This offers a deep and diverse reservoir of knowledge across all trades from carpentry, to concrete, to steel, and across all lines of work. We have an in-house knowledge base that allows for the movement of craftspeople where needed to minimize project delays and ensure the highest quality work.

Our Promise

Whether working directly with you, with your architect, or engineer, we bring design experience, and can meet any challenge. We are trained and experienced to know not only what looks good, but just as importantly, what works. We have licensed engineers on staff and for special needs, we draw from our own network of specialized designers and architects. Our experience means fewer surprises for your company and a project that is built on time and on budget.

DESCCO Design & Construction is a financially conservative company which has allowed us to see our way through one of the most challenging economic climates in our lifetime without debt and well capitalized. We’re fully bonded and able to partner financially in the execution of certain projects.

We are a licensed Pennsylvania Contractor #PA1053. EPA registered/certified Lead Contractor for renovation, repair and painting. Our tradespeople are OSHA Safety Certified, have CPR/AED training and certification. We have written safety and hazardous materials communication program, random drug-testing program and a driver safety program including regular six months evaluations.

Our goal is to work with you as early in the planning stages as possible to offer guidance to design and its impact on costs and functionality. Our philosophy is to work smarter, not harder, and to be your advocate through the process of design, permitting, and construction. We have proven long-term relationships with our preferred material vendors and subcontractors to ensure a steady flow of quality materials and proper installation.