Steeple Refurbish

Emergency Repairs

Outside Repairs

Stucco Repairs

For more than 36 years, DESCCO Design & Construction has helped religious institutions with repairs and maintenance needs for their buildings. We have offered construction services including repairs and maintenance to scores of religious institutes in the Berks County and surrounding areas. We work with the religious leaders and building committees, and we plan, budget and prioritize current and future needs. This allows and gives the congregations the opportunity to fundraise for those other projects that may occur well in advance of the needs.

DESCCO’s Repairs and Maintenance Services Include:

  • Steeple Repairs
  • Church Roofs
  • Church Windows
  • Maintenance Needs
  • Mason/Stone Repairs and Restoration
  • And More!

DESCCO Understands

At DESSCO, we understand the unique features and challenges that come along with making repairs to your religious institution and maintaining your building. Because of these special and unique features we offer less intrusive and innovative solutions for the needs of your religious institute. We also understand the financial aspects may seem daunting when you require work for your building, but not to worry, at DESCCO Design & Construction we can offer affordable options for the repair and maintenance needs to your building.

While repairing or getting work completed to your building may not be something you may have planned for, DESSCO is committed to being there for you and is capable and trained to handle any unplanned challenge that may arise. We take the time to not only understand your wants, needs, and the financial aspects surrounding your service needs, but we also work with your during the planning and designing stage to best suit your building and the needs of your congregations.

For a reliable, dependable, experienced, and innovative team look no further than DESCCO Design & Construction for all of your religious new buildings and additions needs.