descco water/wastewater safetySafety

Our primary goal is to provide our employees with a safe workplace and to protect them from hazards that would keep them from supporting themselves and their families. This commitment begins with safety and environmental training for our supervisors and every employee, and it continues daily through our dedication to provide a drug-free workplace.

Since 2011 DESCCO has participated in the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.’s Safety Training and Evaluation Process (S.T.E.P.) This program evaluates and rates company’s safety performance based on its safety record, training, EMR and incident rate. In 2014, we were proud to receive the highest Platinum Level Safety Award. This is a step up from Gold Level the previous three years.


  • Our 2013 Experience Modification Rate: 0.868
  • Our 2014 Experience Modification Rate: 0.865
  • Our 2015 Experience Modification Rate: 0.788

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