Wastewater Treatment Plant
Hamburg, PA

DESCCO Design & Construction understands that there are growing concerns about the way our water is being treated in this day and age. Because of these growing concerns we take the time to understand every individual situation, and the concerns surrounding your individual circumstances. At DESCCO, we have the capability and experience to manage your government wastewater treatment plant projects. Whether it be a municipal or industrial wastewater treatment plant, we will conduct your project in a timely manner and on budget.


From the design & construction of a new government wastewater plant to upgrading your existing treatment plant, DESCCO can handle all your needs. We have the available resources that can help to build, design, maintain, and update your wastewater treatment plants and make sure they will meet all necessary requirements.

Our experienced staff goes above and beyond to find the best possible solutions to any of your concerns. Whether you need to design and construct and new treatment plant or you need to add onto your current plant, DESCCO Design & Construction understands your individual challenges. We will work with you to devise a plan that is best suited for your business along with keeping time and your budget in mind.

Look no further than DESCCO Design & Construction to handle all of your Government Wastewater Treatment Plant needs.