Question. How Does A Wastewater Treatment Plant Work?

Answer. Wastewater Treatment plants remove impurities, pollutants and solids contained in wastewater so that the treated wastewater can be safely returned to the environment or it may be used for other purposes such as agricultural purposes.

Question. How do wastewater treatment plants protect our water?

Answer. A Wastewater treatment plant removes solids, such as sticks and sand, reduces pollutants, and restores oxygen to ensure that the water that comes to be put in our lakes and rivers has enough oxygen to support the life in those areas.

Question. Where does wastewater come from?

Answer. Wastewater comes from a variety of places, but it is most commonly found in homes, industries, schools, and businesses.

Question. Who operates treatment plants?

Answer. The daily treatment plant operation is conducted by certified operators such as a plant manager, maintenance personnel, and plant operators.

Question. How many gallons of wastewater does a person contribute daily?

Answer. On average, each person in the United States contributes 50 to 100 gallons of wastewater daily.

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