Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Private Wastewater Treatment Plants

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Wastewater Plant Maintenance

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DESCCO is an experienced water and wastewater Treatment Plant Contractor specializing in plants just like yours. From the design & construction of a new WWTP or reviewing and upgrading existing wastewater treatment plants, DESCCO Design & Construction can handle all your needs. We are equipped to build, maintain, and update your water treatment plants to meet the new DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) regulations.

Proven Experience with Wastewater Treatment Plants

Since 1976, DESCCO has been building and renovating water and wastewater Treatment Plants throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. We use the latest technologies so you get more efficient plant operations and equipment.

Markets Served:

  • Food Processing
  • Pre-treatment facilities
  • Chemical
  • Landfills
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Recycling
  • Beverage
  • Municipal Waste and Water
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Animal Processing
  • Many More!

Planning & Designing WasteWater Treatment Plants

A successful project starts in pre-construction planning and overall design. Once we understand your needs, our experienced design and pre-construction team can anticipate your project requirements and identify creative and alternative solutions that can keep your wastewater project on budget and schedule.

When you partner with DESCCO Design & Construction you’ll gain the benefit of our expertise from planning and design to cost and time estimates, all the way through construction and maintenance. Our systematic approach, “The DESCCO Difference,” means you get efficient and effective project delivery without surprises, cost overruns or schedule delays.

WasteWater Treatment Plant Maintenance Services

Save time and money with the right wastewater treatment maintenance plan. At DESCCO, we offer a variety of maintenance programs to suit your needs. Whether the issue is with your pump, seals, grinders, tank, pipes or anything else, we will work together with you to get your wastewater treatment plant running properly and up to DEP standards. We use the latest technology for communication, designing, planning, and managing, but it takes real people with unique skills to coordinate, supervise and deliver quality service.