Steel Staircase Railing

Mezzanine Installation

Treatment Plant Platform

Wet Well Aluminum Platform

Platforms and Walkways are critical aspects when it comes to any Industrial or Manufacturing setting because they allow enables personnel access to the higher work areas to address and inspect equipment, certain machinery, and their structures. DESCCO Design & Construction understands this critical necessity and has the experienced technicians that have the capability to design, install or repair platforms, stairways & walkways.DESCCO Design & Construction’s services with platforms, stairways & walkways will exceed our customers expectations. Our technicians can and will provide services ranging from regular routine maintenance repair problems all the way to major installations. Not matter what industry you’re in or whether your company is large or small, DESCCO can provide you with efficient and effective alternative solutions for any issue or problem that may arise.

Our Platforms, Stairways & Walkways Services:

  • Installations
  • Design
  • Repairs
  • Construction

DESCCO’s Understanding

Our well-trained employees understand and acknowledge that platforms, stairways & walkways are designed specifically with an emphasis on functionality, adaptability, and safety. We focus on all aspects surrounding that emphasis and keep them in mind when we start creating the design of the platforms and walkways, all the way to the repairs of those pieces. At DESCCO, we always keep in mind the safety of your workers. We take all aspects into consideration during the design phase process especially, your employee’s ability to move around and see things that need to be able to see and get to places that they need to get to, in order to get their job done. Throughout the entire process, from design phase to repairing certain aspects of your platform, stairway or walkway, DESCCO Design & Construction will always keep your company and your employees best interest in mind.

Look no further than DESCCO Design & Construction for all of your platform, stairway & walkway needs.