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Heavy Equipment Installation

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DESCCO Design & Construction is an experienced and well-established equipment installation and rigging company. No matter if your company is large or on the small side, DESCCO’s knowledgeable and certified engineers, operators, and riggers have the capability to provide and find any possible solution to either your equipment installations dilemma or to help with any of your rigging needs.

DESCCO’s Expertise with Equipment Installation

DESCCO Design & Construction is an equipment installation company that offers and delivers safe and workable solutions to whatever service industry your company is a part of. Whether your business needs individual equipment installed, like the installation of a generator or if you company will require a multi-ton system like an LV/HV Switchboard to be put in place, DESCCO can handle all of your installation needs. Our staff consists of dedicated, motivated, and highly trained individuals who work together as a team to create feasible and desired results all while maintaining the highest safety standards.

DESCCO’s Know-How with Rigging

DESCCO Design & Construction understands that in order for some facilities to consolidate its resources and to maximize their productivity, rigging is sometimes required for facilities to accomplish this. During each step of this process, the experienced staff will be there to manage every aspect of each phase and also be there to offer guidance and answer any questions your company may have. Whether your company requires moving equipment utilizing forklifts or your company wants the ability to move a large quantity of things, DESCCO has the ability meet all of the requirements that need to be met.

With our experienced, well-versed staff, and our proven capabilities, all of your Equipment Installation and Rigging projects will be met in an effective and efficient manner.