Piping Services

Process Piping, Treatment Plant Piping, Water Treatment Piping, Station Piping

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Equipment Installation

Heavy Equipment Installation, Lagoon Aerator Installation, Pump Rigging Installation, Bypass Pump Installation

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Platforms & Walkways

Steel Staircase & Railings, Mezzanine Installation, Treatment Plant Platform, Wet Well Aluminum Platform

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Electrical & HVAC

Air Conditioner Ventilation HVAC, Industrial HVAC Air Handler, Dust Collector Platform,

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DESCCO Design & Construction can handle all of your Mechanical Contracting needs. We employ certified welders with the knowledge and know-how to handle all of what your industry requires. With our qualifications, experience, and the ability to understand your production process and workflows, our performance will speak for itself.

DESCCO Design & Construction Mechanical Contracting services include:

  • Process Piping Systems (Installations, Repairs, and Modifications)
  • Ventilation Systems (Installations, Repairs, and Modifications)
  • Platform Walkways (Installations, Repairs, and Modifications)
  • Equipment Installations, Relocations, & Rigging Services
  • HVAC
  • Electrical

DESCCO’S Experience with Mechanical Contracting

Whether you are a large or small company, DESCCO Design & Construction has the expertise to get the job done correctly the first time. Our experienced workers are multi-disciplined in a variety of trades. No matter what the project or the materials required may be, our tradespeople and contractor partners are able to handle any project and are capable of thinking outside the box to find solutions to any situation that may arise.

DESCCO’S Capabilities with Mechanical Contracting

Our industrial piping installations, repairs or modifications are set to the highest standards and we use the highest quality materials in order to best control the types of materials you are transporting. We obtain the same standards in regards to process and safety for the installation, repair, or modification of equipment installations and platform walkways as well as meeting OSHA requirements.